St Mary’s Cathedral Organ

Congratulations on your Engagement! Your Wedding day is the one of the most important days in your life - a day to remember for a lifetime. A successful wedding depends on many people that you may have never met before. You place your trust in these people hoping that they perform their services to your standard or better still, to a level beyond expectation.

Your Wedding Ceremony is a public pledge of your love witnessed by family and friends. It is an occasion filled with romance, emotion and joy. Your Wedding Ceremony Music can enhance and build on these wonderful emotions for each person to experience that only an experienced musician can provide.

Michael Peters is an experienced musician, organist and cantor (vocalist) who provides music for well over 90 weddings per year at major Catholic churches in Perth, Western Australia. As the previous Organist of St Mary's Cathedral, Perth, and now Director od Music and Principal Organist of St Joseph's, Subiaco, he is required to possess professionalism, musical ability, dedication, concentration, emotion and enthusiasm. Michael portrays all of this at every wedding he plays for.

Michael’s extensive knowledge of classical and contemporary music has allowed him to have an extensive repertoire that will add a touch of romance, emotion, joy and grandeur to your wedding day that you will remember for a lifetime.

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